Air Condtioner and Hvac For Greenville and Goldsboro

Air Conditioner: What’s The Difference Between AC and HVAC?


A lot of people know about AC or A/C. If you are from Greenville, New Bern, Goldsboro, Rocky Mount, Wilson then you probably have an air conditioning machine in your house or apartment. Most people nowadays need AC during hot summers to… well, cool things down.

But when it comes to HVAC, people get confused. Is it a sort of AC? Is it part of the air conditioner group? What makes HVAC different from a regular air conditioner?

In this article we are going to see that HVAC is not very different from AC. In fact, they are very similar.

What does AC mean?

As you perhaps already know, AC is an acronym and it stands for “Air Conditioner/Air Conditioning”.

What does HVAC mean?

You guessed it: it is another acronym. This time, HVAC stands for “Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning”.

Unlike the already-traditional AC, the HVAC not only cools down, it also heats up or refrigerates. So if we were to imagine the relationship between AC and HVAC in a series of circles, it would look something like this: imagine a big circle which has a smaller circle inside. The big blue circle represents the HVAC technology, and the smaller, orange circle inside is the AC

There are other smaller circles which make up the world of HVAC. They are tech terms used to operate such a device. Understanding them is not necessary if you are a regular user, but they are a must-know for every technician who repairs, installs or deals with AC maintenance.

Here is a shot glossary of HVAC terms:

–          BTU, or British Thermal Unit

–          Chiller

–          Condenser

–          Constant Air Volume

–          Fresh air Intake

–          Minimum Outside Air

–          Outside Air Temperature

–          And more.