What Can I Do To Save On My Utility Bills?

Outdoor Temperatures drive home energy usage more than any other single factor. While none of us can control the weather, we do encourage customers to take steps to reduce energy usage and lower bills as much as possible during the winter months.
• A heating system on average uses 60% of a home’s energy. Keep furnace filters clean, and make sure your heating system is operating efficiently.
• If you have an electric heat pump, set the thermostat at 68 degrees or lower and “forget it”. For other forms of heat, set the thermostat at 68 degrees or lower, but if you’re gone for several hours or more, set the thermostat at 55 degrees, or even cut it off (unless the pipes are in danger of freezing).
• Make sure your home is well insulated.
• Weather strip and caulk windows and doors to seal small cracks.
• Insulate your water heater and set the temperature as reasonably low as possible.

Brought to you by Greenville Utilities, visit their website for more tips on lowering your energy bill. www.guc.com

What does SEER stand for?

It is an abreviation for “Season Energy Efficiency Rating”. This measures the efficiency of a unit. The higher the seer, the more efficient it is. The lowest on the market today is 13 SEER. Replacing an old 8 or 10 SEER unit with a 13 SEER can save you 30-40% on your utility bill.

What payment options are available?

We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards. We also financing available through Wells Fargo, with approved credit.

What happens to the old equipment?

We remove and dispose of your old equipment.

What is the advantage of having an Energy Savings Agreement?

Routine maintenance keeps you equipment in top condition for maximum effeciency. With our Energy Savings Agreement you get a complete Precision Tune-up and professional cleaning twice a year. This includes, but not limited to, Clean and inspect burners, ignition and combustion assembly, blower components. Inspect heat exchanger or elements, test safety controls, monitor refrigerant pressure, test starting capabilities, clean or replace air filters, Measure airflow, tighten electrical connections, and much more. Call our office for a copy of our agreement.

What are the benifits of having an Energy Savings Agreement?

Lower utility bills, extended equipment life, fewer repairs, 10% discount on any repairs needed, inflation protection, emergency service, and no overtime charges. You become a priority customer and it also helps keep your manufacturer’s warranty valid.

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