Air conditioning in Edenton, Rocky Mount, Washington, NC

Types of air conditioning

There are many different types of air conditioning systems and just as many different configurations and options. When you want to be sure you have right air conditioning system for your home or business then you should consult with an expert such as Comfort Master. They supply and install the latest air conditioning systems in Ahoskie, Edenton, Goldsboro, Greenville, Plymouth, Rocky Mount, Washington and Williamston, NC.

The split system is the most common type of central air conditioning and features a condenser and fan and coil system. The condenser lives outside and fan and coil system lives inside. A refrigerant cools the air and a system of ducts distributes the cool air throughout a home. However not all homes can accommodate the duct system and for such homes a ductless system can be installed.

The ductless system has an outside condenser and one or more indoor units installed in different rooms. Each indoor unit cools the room it’s installed in and has its own remote control. Your also get standalone units where a pipe hangs out your window. Then you get another variation of air conditioning known as a heat pump. You can also have a heating system in the form of a gas furnace.

Whether you should go for central air conditioning, a split ductless system, a heat pump, a gas furnace or some combination is best decided with help from the experts. Another important aspect of air conditioning is size. If your air conditioner is oversized, you will get stuck with an on off cycle. If your air conditioner is undersized it will have to work constantly and harder to cool your home. Both scenarios will result in inefficiency and higher electrical bills.

Whichever contractor installs your HVAC system should also be able to provide you with air conditioning repair. You want to deal with a contractor that employs NATE certified technicians. Your air conditioning installation and repair should only be done by certifies technicians.