AC in Edenton, Rocky Mount, and Ahoskie, North Carolina

Modern high efficiency AC and HVAC units save money and improve comfort


Room temperature is important to our comfort levels and you rely on your AC or HVAC to maintain a comfortable room temperature.  This is particularly important when you live in areas with extreme temperatures such as Ahoskie, Edenton, Greenville, Goldsboro, Plymouth, Rocky Mount, Washington and Williamston, NC.


Heating and cooling is essential to home comfort but it does come at a price. Air conditioning systems use a lot of energy and the older models are particularly heavy on energy. In fact your HVAC system can easily amount to half of your energy bill. Now the new energy and eco-friendly AC systems can make a substantial difference to your energy consumption and can save you a great deal on energy and utility bills.


High efficiency HVAC systems can pay for themselves within a few years since they use less energy and cost less in repairs and maintenance. These new AC systems also maintain a more consistent and effective temperature, provide better ventilation and improved humidity control. Modern high-tech HVAC systems have programmable settings which enable you to control the temperature settings in various areas of your home.


New high efficiency air conditioning systems also have variable speed motors as well as advanced filtration systems that offer improved ventilation s well as improved air quality. They are more effective at removing harmful particles and substances from the air thereby creating a healthier and more comfortable environment.


A modern energy efficient AC system offers many direct benefits such as improved temperature control, improved air quality and cost savings. A modern HVAC system will also improve the resale value of your home as prospective buyers will take into account the condition and potential running costs of your existing HVAC system.


Comfort Master can further assist you with the upgrading or replacing your dated HVAC system with a new environmentally friendly AC unit.