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Common problems that can lead to the need for heat pump maintenance

Since heat pumps, essentially an air conditioner, heat and cool abodes relatively efficiently, they have grown drastically in popularity in the past few years in Greenville, Plymouth, Rocky Mount and Washington. If the heat pump in your living space provides both heating and cooling, there is a likelihood of encountering twice as many possible causes when there is a fault. Like any home heating or cooling system, heat pump maintenance is vital to avoid incurring repairs or unnecessary replacement costs. Regular checkups and preventative maintenance by professional HVAC technicians would ensure smooth and efficient running of the heat pumps. Our highly experienced Comfort Master NC professional HVAC technicians are well-versed in efficient running of these pumps. State-of-the-art is employed by them for engineering the product so that it meets customers’ satisfaction. Inventory control and after sales service are ensured by them to reduce downtime of this unit. User manual and on-site training of customers’ personnel are also imparted by them during the installation process and putting into operation the unit. Any problem in the temperature and comfort level in your house can be mitigated by our pump supplier technicians to bring back your unit to satisfactory working condition. To prevent your heat pump from playing up, you need daily maintenance service, otherwise you might have to freeze in the cold or boil in the heat until repaired. A list of the most common problems associated with the running of heat pumps includes the following:

  1. Leaky ducts
  2. A major thermostat malfunction
  3. Frequent temperature fluctuations
  4. Wrong refrigerant
  5. Minimal airflow from the filter
  6. Loud, weird noises emitting form different parts of the heat pump while starting and switching off
  7. Your electricity bills are much higher than expected
  8. There are lingering foul smells

Our trained and certified technicians will diagnose and fix your heat pump maintenance concerns in no time. To book an appointment in advance for the unit in your abode, please get in touch with us in this number 252-752-1779.