HVAC in Ahoskie, Edenton, Goldsboro and Plymouth, NC

Types of HVAC systems

Before in investing in a new HVAC system it is useful to have some basic knowledge and information about the different AC systems available. Of course if research is not your cup of tea then you can go straight the HVAC experts at Comfort Master and they will tell you exactly what you need to know. Comfort Master NC supplies, installs and repairs AC systems in Ahoskie, Goldsboro, Kinston NC, Plymouth NC, Rocky Mount and Wilson NC.

HVAC is an acronym for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Its sole purpose is to heat or cool your indoor air and then to circulate that air so you and your loved ones can live comfortably and cosy. There a 4 major types of HVAC systems.

  • Heating and cooling split systems
  • Hybrid heat split system
  • Ductless split system
  • Packaged systems

HVAC systems are traditionally split systems. That means some components are indoors and some parts are outdoors. A split HVAC system has an air conditioner that cools a refrigerant. An evaporator coil / fan that converts the refrigerant and circulates the air. A split HVAC system usually has ducts that act as conduits for the air so the air can be delivered to various areas or rooms in your home or building. Your HVAC system will also have a control panel and thermostat that enables you to manage the system. The hybrid split systems is simply a more energy efficient version of the traditional split system and often includes a heat pump.

If your home or building can’t accommodate a network of ducts then duct free split system is a good option. If there is still not enough space for a split system, then a packaged system can work. Packaged HVAC system are good solutions for small areas like a hotel room or small office. All the components such as the air conditioner, heat pump and evaporator coil are built into one compact unit.