HVAC in Ahoskie, Edenton, and the Surrounding Areas

When the blows of scorching summer strike you, the only way to fight it back is turning your air-conditioner on.  And God bless you if your ac chooses to betray you at this critical hour! Well, it is not really hard to tell if your system is dysfunctional and in need of a repair but laymen might sometimes wonder if it is truly not working or is it just in their head. Others might completely understand the situation and its dire consequence but tend to ignore it and keep it until the last minute when it becomes absolutely impossible to make the ac work. In case you notice that your ac is not functioning properly and requires expert attention, don’t waste your time and immediately call for help. We, at Comfort Master, are a locally owned and operated company, established in 2003, catering to single families and large commercial spaces alike, in and around Edenton, Goldsboro, Kinston NC, Rocky Mount, Washington NC, and Wilson NC. We ensure that you can retain maximum comfort and peace of mind at home or office with our remarkable and reliable service in HVAC installation, service, and repairs. 

So, how do you know which is the correct time to resort to a proficient repair service like ours? Take a cue from the common signs listed below.  

  1. Lack ofCool Air

Even at full blast, if your air conditioner is not venting out cool air, it might be that your system’s compressor has failed completely or the Freon levels are quite low. You might even be running the risk of replacing the unit. In such a scenario, immediately head to a repair service.  

  1. Weak Airflow

If there is a weak or small amount of air flow from your AC vents, it might be your compressor’s fault. And if parts of your rooms are not getting sufficient cool air, there might be an issue with the duct work. Either case would require expert assistance. Sometimes, debris might get stuck in the vents which could have obstructed the airflow, leaving a big health risk to you and your family.  

  1. Thermostat Problem

At times, there can be a problem with the thermostat. If a single part of your house gets extremely chilly while another remains at the same temperature, it means you must get your thermostat checked from a good ac repair service.  

Apart from this, there could be weird colors, odors, or lack of appropriate moisture. So, if you think that you air-conditioner is facing similar signs, you can get in touch with us. Call us at 252-752-1779 now.