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5 most common AC problems 

Interested in regularly scheduled tune-ups and preventive maintenance on your air conditioning system? Right from AC repairs to basic maintenance to total installation of a new one, our HVAC technicians here at Comfort Master NC can provide you with the best service possible while answering any questions that you have. Let us have a look at common AC problems experienced by most inhabitants in Greenville, Plymouth, Rocky Mount, Washington and Williamston.

  1. Produces weird, loud noises: A few reasons behind the abnormal noises of your AC system when it starts and shuts off are bent or loose condenser and evaporator fan blades and damaged motor. It means your unit needs immediate repairs.
  2. Water leaking by the air conditioning unit: Air conditioning leaks, especially from central AC systems likely caused by a clogged condensate drain pipe can really be very Hence, always check for and repair refrigerant leaks.
  3. The AC does not blow cool air anymore: If such is the case when the temperature is rising, chances are that the electrical compressor has failed.
  4. Constant on and off cycling: This may be caused by working problems with the programmable thermostat, condenser fans or evaporator fans.
  5. Summer utility bills has skyrocketed- If the summer utility bills are much higher than the actual cost, there is likely a problem persisting with your system which is actually driving your electricity bills up.

If you notice any of the above signs, please feel free to call us today in this number 252-752-1779 at any time to arrange a free, no obligation quote. Our HVAC technicians can eliminate these potential issues whilst also improving the comfort of your abode’s ambience and even contributing to better overall indoor air quality. The more you wait to schedule your AC repairs, the worse off your AC is likely to be.