Care For Your Heat Pump in Washington, Plymouth, Goldsboro, and Rocky Mount NC

Air conditioner service extends the life of your heat pump

To prevent your  heat pump from playing up you need occasional air conditioner service else you might have to freeze in the cold or boil in the heat until your HVAC unit is repaired. ComfortMaster is a leading heat pump supplier in Greenville, New Bern, Goldsboro, Rocky Mount and Wilson and they will perform your air conditioner service cost effectively and extend the life of your HVAC unit.

Air conditioner service and maintenance can be done

Your heat pump maintenance involves amongst others the following:

  • check for leaks and monoxide emissions
  • check heat exchangers
  • check burners
  • inspect ignition system
  • cleaning or replacing the furnace filter,
  • cleaning you air conditioning air ducts
  • inspecting out-door hvac unit and ensuring there are no obstructions to the airflow
  • check thermostat settings
  • calibrate thermostat
  • inspect and tighten electrical connections
  • lubricate moving parts
  • inspect the condensate drain
  • check the refrigerant levels
  • adjust blower components

Having your air conditioner serviced and maintained at regular intervals has many benefits. It will prolong the life of your heat pump, lower your energy bills, reduce the risk of airborne viruses and take care of small issues before they become big expensive ones.

You should definitely schedule an air conditioner service under the following circumstance

  • Your utility bills are higher than expected
  • The HVAC unit is making strange noises
  • The temperature is off
  • There are lingering odors
  • The filters have not been replaced in long time

You want to deal with a supplier that is licensed and insured, is reliable, knowledgeable and offers competitive rates and top class service.

Whether you have a commercial air conditioning system or a residential heat pump, you can rely on the experts at ComfortMaster to maintain your HVAC unit and keep it running at peak performance. Should you need to replace your heat pump they supply energy efficient units that are cost effective and eco-friendly. They can also arrange financing to help with your cashflow.