Air conditioner in Ahoskie, Goldsboro and Winterville, NC

How can you benefit by replacing your existing air conditioner with a new one?

Is your current AC failing or not functioning smoothly, relax, we at Comfort Master NC are there to help you. We offer a wide range of air conditioner models that can benefit you in untold ways. By replacing your existing AC with a new one you can enjoy higher cooling efficiency as well as save on the monthly bills. Besides, if you had been scheduled AC repairs on a frequent basis a new unit undoubtedly will help in eliminating such expenditure for many more years to come. Our service areas include the ins and outs of Goldsboro, Kinston, NC and Rocky Mount.

Benefits galore

By installing a new and advanced AC you can chiefly benefit in the following ways namely,

  • Higher efficiency- an old AC will not be much efficient compared to a new one owing to improvements in technology. By upgrading your AC with a new model will work wonders in improving the cooling efficiency of your home by at least 40%. And improved cooling efficiency means lower utility bills
  • Proper sizing- If your existing AC is not failing, low cooling capacity and high energy bills indicate that it is not properly sized for your home. In fact an AC which is too large or too small for the home will not cool the space efficiently. AC units that are improperly sized have more chances of breaking under such added stress needing more frequent repairs and thereby costing you higher. But on the other hand, if you purchase a new AC from us, our sales representative will help you in determining the correct unit size for your home. To install an AC which is properly sized can have a remarkable impact when it comes to your monthly bills

So if you wish to install a new AC and reap its wonderful benefits schedule an appointment with us at the earliest.