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HVAC systems and configurations

HVAC is a common term used in the air conditioning industry as well as in homes and by ordinary people. HVAC is an acronym for “Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning”. Basically this means heating, ventilation and cooling. For the best HVAC systems in Ahoskie, Edenton, Goldsboro, Kinston NC, Rocky Mount and Wilson NC you should speak to the experts at Comfort Master NC.

In heating and cooling the air flows through a network of tubes or ducts. In this way the warm or cool air gets distributed to different rooms in your home, office or building. The most common system is a central HVAC.

An HVAC unit needs electricity for power, and quite a lot of it. Your HVAC is probably the most expensive consumer of electricity in your entire home. If you have an old HVAC system you can save quite a lot of money by upgrading to a modern energy-efficient unit.

If you take the right approach to heating and cooling, you can reduce your bills substantially. This includes upgrading to an energy-efficient system, equipment maintenance, insulation and intelligent thermostat settings.

For example, you can combine a central air conditioner with a gas or oil furnace. The furnace can then provide heat through the same duct system that is used by your air conditioner. Some HVAC systems, such as the heat pump, can deliver both cooling and heating. These are good solutions for moderate climates.

Most HVAC systems have an outdoor unit known as the condenser and an indoor unit known as the evaporator coil. This is also why these systems are referred to as split systems. Heat is transferred from one unit to the other.

Another possible configuration is when both the evaporator coil and the condenser are contained in a single outdoor unit. This is also known as a packaged unit.

The experts at Comfort Master will be able to tell you which system and configuration will work best for your home.