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AC and HVAC green trends and advances                  

The latest ac trends and advances are closely aligned with environmental impact and energy efficiency. Some important ac tends include smart thermostats and inverter air conditioners. Advances within HVAC components have made modern air conditioning systems more energy efficient than ever before. Comfort Master NC can help you with money saving energy efficient air conditioning solutions in Ahoskie, Goldsboro, Plymouth NC, Rocky Mount, Washington NC and Wilson NC.

Modern ac systems operate with programmable thermostats and feature touch screen controls with multiple settings. These new systems are lot quitter and easier to use. New trends and advances in AC system are driven by the need for energy conservation, the importance of environmental factors and the quest for renewable energy sources. Another driving force is the demand for greater control and comfort by consumers. This is fuelled by the phenomenal growth in the use of smart phones as well as the increasing capabilities of these devices. Smart apps enable greater communication and control between the user and the system.

A good example of AC technology is the smart or self-learning thermostat. For example, a smart thermostat can automatically adjust temperature based on time of day and some other parameters. Other green trends include on demand hot water recirculation, solar powered AC systems, ice powered HVAC systems, recycled duct wrap, analytical software, dual fuel powered heat pumps and geothermal heat pumps.

Intelligent HVAC units, integrated air conditioning systems and mobile app control are some of the major trends in modern day cooling and heating systems.

Government regulations such as those related to HFC refrigerants and other ozone depleting chemicals will also impact commercial manufacturing of HVAC units and AC systems.

Comfort Master NC can help you with intelligent and integrated AC solutions that will give greater control, more comfort and save you money on energy bills.