AC in Ahoskie, Goldsboro, Kinston, Edenton, Plymouth, NC

AC units should only be installed or replaced by certified technicians

Without air conditioning you will hot under the collar in summer and shivering and shaking in winter. That is why the vast majority of homes in Goldsboro, Kinston NC, Rocky Mount, Washington NC and Wilson NC have ac units. Comfort Master NC supplies, installs and repairs air conditioning systems in NC. Installing or replacing an air conditioning system is an expensive project and you want it to be done properly. That is why you should only deal with accredited company that employs certified AC technicians.

A professional contractor will ensure your AC unit is the right size and capacity for your home and will also make sure that your duct sections are correctly sized and that the systems has enough supply registers for effective air delivery.

There are number of different AC systems. For example, an externally fitted AC unit can make use a heat pump. A heat pump is a type of ac system that can heat and cool since it has the ability to reverse the refrigeration cycle. Heat pumps are popular in areas where the temperatures are not as extreme and the cooling or heating requirements are moderate.

Conventional air conditioning systems are more common in areas where the temperature swings are substantial. Central air conditioning in the form of split systems are the most common. A split system has an outdoor condenser and an indoor fan and coil system. These units are connected by pipes and ductwork. If your home cannot accommodate the ductwork required for central air, a split ductless system might be an option.

The latest air conditioning systems are energy efficient so they cost less to operate. They are also eco-friendly, less noisy and more effective in keeping you and your loved ones comfortable and cozy.